Monday, November 02, 2009

not me monday

a few things me and the fam DID NOT do this last week...

brooke DID NOT have a crzy high fever with no other symptoms 4 days in a row after getting her h1n1 and seasonal flu shots. she DID NOT feel fine and then get the high fever again on sunday. i am NOT frustrated and am NOT going to the doctor today to check ears and bladders for infection. seriously!
i DID NOT get my very first studio lighting set to take indoor portraits this weekend. i am NOT jacked up and excited and have NOT asked my fam a million times to model for which they DO NOT smirk.

sofia DID NOT learn a lesson about getting "free food" from the trash can this weekend when she discovered that although starbucks coffee grounds do smell good, they taste very nasty in your mouth.
we DID NOT party out on friday the appliance store. oh yeah. we DO NOT know how to live the high life. i DID NOT tell the girlies that the movie they were playing was just for them...and totally kept them entertained while every salesmen in the store strongly avoided us bc we are loud and different. i still got my stinking freezer...a
nd i AM NOT jacked up!

sofia DID NOT think trick or treating was entirely lame until she
discovered that the strangers dressed freakishly in their homes were giving her suckers and popcorn. she DID NOT scream "popcorn. yeah" and run to the man!

sofia DID NOT wear paige's minnie mouse costume from when she was 2...and i DID NOT get a little teary eyed thinking it was just yesterday that she was minnie and now she's in high school, just a few steps to being an adult. but then i DID NOT eat a kit kit to soothe my pain away.
while at kindergarten drop off, i DID NOT ask brooke, "did you brush your teeth before school" which she DID NOT reply with a sneaky grin, "oh well, i just won't talk."

out of the clear blue, jada DID NOT say, "ok, i just have to say this. i. love. taco. bell."

i DID NOT get an hour of cardio at the vet's office...yes, the vet, not the gym, when i forgot the pinch collar for the 35 pound java...i DID NOT get drug all over where she wanted to go and see new people i'd never met before.
sofia DID NOT learn to speak in a few word saying want green beans. well, the girl does NOT love her food and i DO NOT know where she gets that!

so tell me, what are a few things you DID NOT do this week?


Anonymous said...

You guys are always hilarious and way cute!!

Peterson Family said...

That's too funny! You certainly had a busy, busy and very entertaining week!

Meaghan said...

ok...i'm loving how you put in picks of absolutely everyone in the fam! i need to get better about getting in front of the camera ;-)

Jen said...

Sorry your girlie is sick. I hope you figure out what is wrong and soon.

Brandy said...

Poor Brooke! I hope the doctor gives you some good news. Or good meds, whatever will make her feel better.

And tell Jada I. Love. Taco. Bell. Too!

Kel said...

It is so much fun to watch kids at sofies age 'get' trick or treating - I just loved it this weekend when little miss realized it was suckers and wanted to be right there with the big kids.

Hope you have a great week!

Megan said...

You and your family always make me laugh!

Woohoo for new photography lighting!!

Hope Brooke is feeling better soon!!

Blake G said...

I Love Taco Bell Too!!! Brookie Maybe if you ask Abby to come down and model we will be able to get down there. LOL

Lindsay said...

Ohhhhh - poor baby with the fever - I hope she's well now. Fevers freak me out. And seriously - KitKats make EVERYTHING better...but you have to have TWO snack sized ones for full healing.